2421 Cranberry Highway, Wareham Crossing

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Class Descriptions

*Offered classes subject to change/rotate*


ARMED & DANGEROUS: A class that is designed to focus ONLY on the arms to tone upper body with a variety of cardio

BARRE: A ballet-based workout to help tone and shape your body using a combination of ballet, Pilates, strength, and flexibility, Average calories burned 300-400/hr.

BEAUTIFULLY BALANCED: Designed to challenge & strengthen your posture, increasing your overall stability and balance

BOD E ATTACK: An hour class of strength circuits and cardio circuits to MELT AWAY THE CALORIES.

BOD E PUMP: A barbell inspired workout that will leave you PUMPED the rest of the day

BUTI YOGA: Calorie scorching workout that fuses yoga with cardio intensive tribal dance

CARDIO SHAPE: Intervals of cardio drills with fat busting strength training.

CIRCUIT CORE: Low impact strength training circuits for 30 min, followed by 15 min of core and stretching.

CORE FLOW YOGA: Dynamic fusion of yoga, Pilates, and core conditioning.

EXPRESS EXTREME RIDE: A half hour ride on our KEISER bikes with sprints, jumps and hills.

FITCAMP: Workout that mixes traditional cardiovascular and body weight exercises with interval and strength training, Average calories burned 400-800/hr.

FUNCTIONAL TRAINING: An express workout utilizing a variety or strength training and cardiovascular exercises, Average calories burned 150-300/hr.

HIT N SCULPT: A class using kickboxing and sculpting combined with weights for a great calorie burn

HOT BUTI YOGA: our BUTI YOGA class with the HEAT turned up and the calories melting off!!

INTERVAL RIDE: A tabata is 8 cycles of 20 seconds to work hard then 10 seconds of rest. One tabata makes four minutes of exercise with a short break, alternating between the spin bike and weight training.

LENGTH & LIMBER: An express class that focuses on stretching and lengthening your muscles

MULTI-STEP: Cardio workout that includes step platforms, high-impact aerobics and weight training designed to build cardiovascular fitness and lean body mass, Average calories burned 400-600/hr.

P90X Live: HIIT training including plyometric, cardio and strength.  Workouts change every few weeks.

RIDE 45: A 45-minute class on our KEISER bikes -taking you thru HILLS-SPRINTS and FLAT ROADS. Experience the ride!

ROCKBOTTOM: A class that is designed to focus on ONLY the legs to tone lower body and have you leave ROCKED BOTTOM!

SIMPLY CORE: A core specific workout to strengthen & tighten your entire mid-section and back

SUSPENSION FUSION TRX: Suspension training with 8 cycles of work with the TRX straps, Keiser Bikes and weights.

TOTAL BODY BLAST: High intensity full body weight training and cardio workout - sculpts and shapes your body, burns 600-750 calories/hr.

TRX: A suspension training system that utilizes your body weight to build core strength and lean muscle, Average calories burned 450/hr.

YOGA: Helps with stress release, flexibility and balance.

ZUMBA: A dance-based toning class that combines interval and resistance training, Average calories burned 300-500/hr.