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  • Premier Plus Membership

            For only $10.00 more a month, an Elite Premier Plus member would

            experience all the perks of being an Elite Premier member



                      That means UNLIMITED....

                      * TANNING

                      * GROUP EXERCISE CLASSES

                      * HYDROMASSAGE BED

                      * SUNLIGHTEN SAUNA

                      * WELLNESS PORTAL

                      * SPA LIKE LOCKER ROOMS

                      * STATE OF THE ART CARDIO EQUIPMENT

                      * STRENGTH TRAINING EQUIPMENT

                      * AND SO MUCH MORE....

$59.00 / Month

  • Ten Session Punch Card                                         $130.00
  • Five Session Punch Card                                           $70.00




Elite now offers PREMIUM TANNING!!!

From the World’s leading manufacturer of vertical tanning equipment, Elite Fitness nows offers the Suncapsule SuperSonic stand-up tanning equipment. SuperSonic provides a deep, dark tan in only 7 minutes.

The SuperSonic showcases the best features from our highly successful Super Cyclone, while incorporating some state-of-the-art technology developed exclusively for our new generation of Sun Capsules.

  • The new 5.5 sided design adds 20% more exposure to the face and front of the body. Our new Variable Voltage Power Boost transformer adds up to 10% more power to the system.

  • The SuperSonic contains 54 of the most powerful fluorescent sunlamps ever produced. The 220 Watt Cosmolux VHR/HP sunlamps provide an improved and enhanced blend of phosphors packed with more UVA than ever before to produce the darkest tan possible from exposure times of 7 minutes or less!

It all adds up to the most powerful Sun Capsule ever created. The Sun Capsule SuperSonic will deliver a tan darker than anything you could imagine from a fluorescent lamp, with the shortest exposure times on the planet.